Jun 20/2016

Ways To Motivate Yourself To Hit The Gym After Work

When it comes to exercise, everyone wants to be in their comfort zone and do not want to come out of it. We all think of working out on a daily basis, but skip or escape it when it comes to the reality. Everyone has that moment after a long workday when all you want to do is get home and hit the couch, even though you totally planned to go to a gym. Here are few tips and ways that will motivate you to go to the gym after work.

1). Go To The Gym Immediately After Work: Don’t get home directly after work, instead hit the gym directly after your work. This will prevent you to get lethargic of going to the gym from home which normally happens once you hit your couch at home. You may also get occupied with your routine phone calls or household chores.

2). Try To Workout In The Morning: Morning is the best time to exercise as you are fresh at that time. If you are susceptible to the morning workout, then hitting the gym after work is the best option for you.

3). Get a Gym Buddy: Going with a buddy to the gym will make you committed to going to the gym regularly without skipping it. You have to go as the other person is dependent on you and you don’t want to let him down.

Get A GYM Buddy

4). Take Up a Yoga Class After Work: Yoga releases your stress levels and makes you more energetic. Moreover, yoga releases “feel good” hormone which makes you relaxed and stress-free.

5). Don’t Workout All The Days Of The Week: It is advisable that you don’t hit the gym daily or all the days of the week. Keep it thrice or four days a week and the other days try to do floor exercises or a change in the exercise regimen. Also, if you go to the gym daily, then your energy level will decrease eventually especially if you are looking forward to building muscles. This happens due to the fact that your central nervous system gets taxed too much.

6). Carry Your Workout Bag At Your Work: Carry your workout clothes in your bag at work so that you can change in your workout clothes at your office after your work. This will save your time and you will start feeling energetic before hitting the gym. In addition to this, it will give a message to your body and mind that it is time to hit the gym and so you won’t make any excuses of going home after work and skipping the gym.

7). Do Not Confuse Yourself Between a Tired Mind And a Tired Body: It may happen that you might have dealt with angry customers, clients or angry bosses at your office but do not make this an excuse to skip your gym workout. You might be mentally tired and stressed out but your body might be completely ready for a killer gym workout.

8). Remember Why You Started: When you feel like dropping your gym workout, remind yourself the purpose for which you had started it. It will help you get motivated again, as you already had set a goal for yourself before you started.

9). Try Group Fitness: Take up group fitness classes wherein you will be surrounded by people who will inspire you to continue your workout. When you are in a group, your energy level is always on a high and you don’t feel like quitting it. The moment you feel like quitting, the energy levels of others and the instructor will keep you going.

10). Surround Yourself With Motivation: If you want to get motivated constantly, then put a few notes of motivation in your room surrounding. This will keep you motivated for your gym workout constantly.

11). Keep Micro-Challenges For Yourself: Challenge yourself for extending 5 minutes more in your workout. This will increase your capacity and stamina eventually and in turn will inspire you to go for more.

12). Enjoy The Healthy Balance Of Delicious Food And Enjoyable Exercise When you like to eat tasty food and if you are a big foodie, then workout will balance your health, yet giving you freedom of eating anything of your choice without worries of putting on an extra calorie which will get burnt in your next workout.

13). Make Whatever You Do To Exercise Your Favorite Thing: Love the exercise you do at your gym and you won’t feel like making that extra effort for doing the same. Think of the benefits you get after doing a particular exercise and try to enjoy it. When you enjoy any activity, you do that thing effortlessly.


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