Nov 17/2016

Top Ten Ways To Make Time For Fitness

In this busy life of today, what you all miss-out, is time. Time is very precious and you have to deal with smartly enough to cope up with the transactions of your life. One of such transactions or activities is fitness. You have time for friends, entertainment and everything else what we really want to do. But, when it comes to fitness, you always tend to find excuses to escape your workout. If really you are determined to achieve a fit body, you have to take out time for your exercise and workout. You can always find out some time for yourself, for the betterment of your health and fitness. Here, we have discussed few ways through which you can motivate yourself to manage your time for your fitness. These ways are mentioned as below:

Plan It Out


When you are determined to workout, plan out your routine. Make plans regarding your fitness routine and fitness sessions. Mark your workout days on your calendar so that you can see it every day and can remind yourself of your next day workout. Also, plan all your exercises including weight lifting and floor exercises. You can mix different exercises to bring variations in your workout as well as make your body more flexible.

Wake Up a Bit Earlier

Make sure that you keep your alarm time bit earlier than the routine one. For this, you can keep more than one alarm to not forget to wake up on the pre-decided time. You can do stretch outs or do jumping jacks to warm up your body before actually starting your workout. When you will wake up earlier, you will have no excuse for escaping from your fitness regime. Also, it happens that once you start your workout, you will feel good and will not want to drop it.

Commit To Yourself

Commitment is something that you need to do when you are determined to continue with your fitness regime. Once you commit that you will not escape your workout, then you will get firm-determined to not to escape from your fitness regime.

Limit Your TV Time

It is believed that TV makes you lethargic and so you will spend more time watching it and then you won’t be able to wake up early and then it will affect your whole routine and you will again tend to not go for your workout.

Don’t Sit Idly

If your kids are playing, then don’t just sit idle. Instead of sitting idle and watching TV, you can join them in their fun and this will reduce your lethargy which will help you motivate yourself and take out time for your workout. The more you are idle, the more are the chances of you getting lethargic about your workout routine.

Schedule Your Fitness Activities

Just like your other appointments, your workout appointments also should also schedule so that you keep yourself prepared for them in advance. This will leave no space for you to escape your workout. Moreover, this will also help you manage your time for other activities as well.

Earn And Enjoy Your Shower

This is a psychological activity to practice. It is truly said that earn your shower. This means that you do some physical activity that your body sweats completely and this will help you enjoy your shower. It gives you a good feeling to take your shower after working out or doing any physical activity that made you sweat and you get the feeling earning your shower.

Set Your Hours

If you are a business owner, then you can flexibly and conveniently manage your working hours so as to give time to your fitness regime. This will help you arrange your work hours in such a way that you can continue with your workout regime either before your work hours or post your work hours.

Workout At Work

Even while working in your office, you can do few exercises on your chair. This will help you relax your body muscles and will give movement to your body. Sitting in one position will tire your body and so, sometimes, it is necessary to stretch out your body muscles. For example, you can move your legs up and down turn by turn while sitting on your chair. This will help you relax your legs and calf muscles.

Take It As a Challenge

Many times, you go lazy for going on your workout. Just take it as a challenge that you can do it and that too in the best possible way. This will not only motivate you, but also it will double your energy to do it. It will boost up your confidence and this will again help you manage your time for your workout regime.


Living a healthy and fit lifestyle is as much important as it is important to stick to that lifestyle, managing your time for it.


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