Free Weights / Body Building

The Benefits of Free Weights / Body Building

The benefits associated with body building can be beyond imagination. The first and the foremost benefit listed is physical development and work proficiency. Naturally the physiological growth of the human body is un-hindered, but due to fast paced life style and lack of time to keep the body maintained, we need to put in a little extra effort. Below listed are some of the extended benefits one can gain from strength training or body building.

  • Expanded Metabolism
  • Enhanced Hormonal Profile
  • Enhanced Recovery Ability
  • Low cholesterol level
  • Solid bones
  • Increase Adaptability
  • Expanded Muscle Strength
  • Expand In Body Flexibility
  • Toned Muscle
  • Sound State Of Mind
  • Less Prone To Injury
  • Sound Body Composition

Looking at the above benefits, one can imagine the effects of such training can have on them. All you have to do is reprieve some time form the schedule and work out for 3 to 5 days a week and not more than 2 hours and you can have great healthy life.