Jul 20/2016

9 Exercise and Fitness Beliefs You Need to Overcome

Human psychology is full of beliefs that we humans carry with us throughout our life and these beliefs are not always correct. Sometimes, it is good to have few beliefs but always our beliefs prove right is not necessary. Likewise, we all have some beliefs regarding the workout and fitness. Here are some beliefs that stop us from going to a gym or doing our workout. The solutions of the same are provided under each of the belief.

I Don’t Have Time
“Nobody is too busy to take out time. It is always the question of priorities”. It is well said and yes it is correct that we always can take out time for ourselves and the important tasks that we really intend to do. We always do those tasks that we are compelled to do and if given a choice we would always delay all the tasks. Fitness is one those tasks where you are given the choice of doing it yourself.

No Money
We always have enough money to spend on our luxuries and demands. But, when it comes to workout or joining a gym, we somehow find it costlier and get this as an excuse for not joining it. There are lots of ways of carrying out your workout sessions. You can opt for many exercises that do not require to join a gym. Moreover, there are also group classes for different workout sessions wherein you can easily afford yourself to join. It is rightly said that “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

Family Trait
Just because no one in my family has ever been physically fit, how can I go to a gym for a workout? This belief of yours is completely illogical as you can always start up for yourself and especially in the matter of fitness, you don’t need to follow any family tradition or a trait.

No Workout Partner
We normally always want a company to go anywhere or do anything. But, fitness is the case wherein it doesn’t matter whether you are accompanied by anyone or not because fitness is mend for individuals and not a group or a twosome. You always have to concentrate on your individual growth when it comes to fitness. If you get a partner, it is good but you don’t have to depend on anyone for your own fitness regimen.

Feeling Sick And Tired

It always happens that when you start your workout, initially you tend to fall sick as you are not habituated to your workout session and the amount of physical work that you do. But, this doesn’t mean that you should stop your workout due to your health issues. Don’t stop it and you will eventually get habituated to your workout sessions and the routine. “Never give up” is the only attitude you need to carry with yourself once you are determined to do anything.

Mentally Not Determined To Stick To a Plan
Most of the times, we go mentally weak as we are not firmly determined about our fitness regimen. You need to get mentally strong and say this to yourself “What come may, I shall be determined”. Determination is the only key to not getting mentally weak.

What If I Fail
The thought failure moves everyone from their determination. If you cannot go up to the mark initially, there is no issue in that. It happens with everyone of us that we are not perfectionists from day one. “Practice makes a man perfect” is the saying you need to remember when you feel that the failure will destroy you.

I Will Feel Better If I Achieve My Goals
Having goals in every field of your life is a good thing but expecting that vigorously and doing things only to get that in return is not the right approach. Do things without any expectations and you will see positive results. Also, you will never get negative if you don’t expect. Carrying out your workout without any ambitions will really help you achieve your goals.

You Need To Exercise Vigorously To Get a Good Body
Exercising is good for health and keeping one’s self, fit and healthy. But working vigorously is not the solution to anything. You may end up injuring yourself if you do so. So, it is better you go slowly and steadily and stick to your workout regimen. Regularity is the key to success in the fitness regimen.

Thus, get rid off those beliefs that stop you from going to your gym and carry out your workout.


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